Sin city is all about the chase. The money, bright lights, and easy fame. It’s the chase of the slot machine, the get rich quick card game, the successful double-down, and for the musician it’s the chase of easy success.

The premise is this: Just get me to Vegas, I’ll make it big, because that’s what people have told me. Sara crafts lyrics that are almost a warning to a younger self to be careful of what society has deemed important. The person Sara is talking to seems to have been a big fish in a small pond and is naive in chasing all the tempting cliche’s. Move to Vegas, or NYC and become a small fish in a big pond. Lose 10 pounds, and your identity too. Perhaps move to the Mexican border because someone told you that’s what’s necessary to gain success and be happy. But older Sara knows happiness is not something you chase. It’s a stable state of mind that comes from within. Success is just a result from years of sleepless nights, touring and hard work.

Vegas has a groove that is reminiscent of the first half of Careful Confessions. The instruments are tight and her vocals and composition of the entire song plays like an upscale lounge song by someone performing in Vegas. My favorite part is at the end when she growls out the vocals “Vegas please.” A rare break in her usually crystal clear voice that I find very refreshing.

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