Beautiful Girl


This song is very hard to find. It’s not on any studio album, and while it’s tied to the EP Once Upon Another Time, it’s not on the EP. Beautiful Girl was only released as a 7″ vinyl only B-Side to Stay, the first single on the EP Once Upon Another Time, on Record Store Day in 2012.

Beautiful Girl is one of the many songs written by Sara that are autobiographical. She has mentioned in concerts that she wrote this song as an adult to her younger 13 year old self. It’s a beautiful song with lyrics that will resonate with any young teenage girl or boy that battles with peer pressure, bullies at school, boys or girls with raging hormones and one’s struggle to fit in amidst puberty and the constant barrage of what’s deemed pretty by model clad magazine covers and celebrities in Hollywood.

Beautiful Girl is also one of the many songs written by Sara that promotes finding strength within yourself and not allowing outside pressure to dictate how you should live your life. This is a song that every 13 year-old girl should listen too. I’ve never met Sara, nor do I ever expect to have the opportunity, but if I did I would thank her. I would thank her for her courage to share such a personal story for the benefit of others, and in this case for all the teenage girls that will listen to her song and be moved. My own daughter included.

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